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Termite Inspections in Annapolis, MD

The staff at Annapolis Pest Control has extensive experience performing termite inspections at residential and commercial properties in Annapolis, MD. With termites causing billions of dollars’ worth of damage every year in the U.S., it is essential that you protect your home or office from an infestation. Inspections are important because termites typically go unnoticed until damage begins to appear. An inspection can halt such harm before it even starts by identifying termites before they establish massive colonies in your walls or beneath your floors. Let the professionals at Annapolis Pest Control visit your property to help safeguard your investment and answer any questions you may have about the destructive insects. Below are answers to questions that our staff members typically receive before or during a termite inspection.

What Does a Termite Inspection Entail?

First and foremost, our termite experts are trained to identify signs of termite activity in and around your home. Through years of experience performing inspections in Annapolis, MD, our staff members at Annapolis Pest Control have developed a keen eye for termites. We create an analysis of termite activity through:

  • Exterior Inspection – We will perform a thorough inspection of your building’s exterior, checking the garden, sheds, fence line, and more for risk factors that could leave your home vulnerable. Areas that receive special focus include tree stumps and your garden’s timbers, where termite nests and mud tubes may be present.
  • Perimeter Inspection – Our team will pay special attention to the immediate perimeter of your structure, looking for moisture or leaks in your footings and sub-floor that could attract termites. This inspection also checks for debris that could provide a bridge from soil to your home.
  • Interior Inspection – Telltale signs of termite infestations include hollow walls or floorboards. We will tap each to ensure they are sturdy and listen for rustling sounds that termites produce as a panic response or clicking noises from their jaws.
  • Moisture Inspection – Our inspectors will check the moisture levels in your walls, door frames, ceilings, and floors. Elevated moisture levels often indicate the presence of termites.

The termite inspectors at Annapolis Pest Control will use all of the information gathered from the comprehensive inspection to evaluate your home’s vulnerability to termites and whether they have already established colonies. We will look for wood damage, discarded wings, termite droppings, mud tubes, and moisture concerns to provide our assessment.

How Long Does a Termite Inspection Last?

The duration of a termite inspection will depend on several factors, most notably the size of your home and property. Not only will we use our trained eyes and awareness to determine if you have termites, but we will also use high-tech instruments such as thermal imaging cameras and moisture meters to ensure accuracy. The use of these devices, as well as our thorough inspection of all warning signs inside and outside of your house, cause the activity to last roughly two hours. But that insignificant time period can provide peace of mind that your home is protected.

How Long Are Termite Inspections Valid?

The diligence of our termite inspectors is unparalleled, meaning that you will not have to worry about an infestation soon after we check your property. But we suggest you should have a termite inspection at least every two years, if not annually. There are homeowners in Annapolis, MD who get a termite inspection every five years, but that is a dangerous standard. Half of a decade is a long time for termites to establish colonies and begin eating away at your walls and foundation. Early detection is key to minimizing the damage done by termites. For that reason, even if you do not feel like a termite inspection is necessary yet, contact Annapolis Pest Control if you notice any causes for concern.

Call Annapolis Pest Control for a Termite Inspection Today

Even if you have not noticed any warning signs for termites, you should take precaution. Termites can cause extensive damage to your residential or commercial property, resulting in massive repair bills. Most property owners do not notice termites’ presence until long after they have begun their destruction. But Annapolis Pest Control can provide peace of mind that your home or office is not at risk. Call us at (410) 590-7996 today to schedule your termite inspection in Annapolis, MD.

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