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Rodent Infestation in Annapolis, MD

Rodents are sneaky critters and can often avoid being seen unless there is a severe infestation. They will hide in the walls, pipes, vents, or other discreet areas of your home in Annapolis, MD. Typical motivating factors for rats and mice that enter your dwelling are warmth and shelter. For that reason, rodent infestations in houses and office buildings occur more commonly when the temperatures dip in fall and winter months. But Annapolis Pest Control can reliably remove rodents from your property in Anne Arundel County. Our skilled staff can also help you identify signs of rodent infestation and take steps to avoid attracting the uninvited guests. Call us at (410) 590-7996 to learn more, but first, peruse answers to some of the questions we frequently receive below.

What Causes a Rodent Infestation?

Multiple factors, sometimes working together, can cause rodent infestations in your residential or commercial property. A common reason that rats and mice will enter your living or working spaces is to get out of the elements, especially in colder months. Rather than toughing it in the snow and freezing temperatures, rodents seek warmth and shelter to survive. Retreating to buildings also provides protection from natural predators who cannot follow rats and mice through tiny entryways such as unsealed cracks or holes. But rodent infestations are not limited to the inside of your home or office. Colonies of rodents can also emerge close to your structure. Rats and mice may find similar shelter and warmth within piles of firewood, cars, and discarded furniture.

Another possible reason for a rodent infestation is poor sanitation. Rats scavenge for food and garbage, meaning unhygienic spaces are attractive areas to settle and raise their young. They will also migrate toward water sources, such as pets’ bowls or leaky pipes. Rats will seek places to live to get away from distressing situations caused by noise, construction, and other factors. Safety, along with a food and water supply, may make your home very attractive. Be sure to look for signs of rodents if nearby renovations disrupt regular activity in your neighborhood.

What Are the Signs of a Rodent Infestation?

It may be difficult for you to find rats or mice in your Annapolis, MD home, but that does not mean they are not enjoying the comforts of your living space. The elusive critters find subtle hiding places and tend to avoid being seen, so you will need to look for signs of their presence rather than the rodents themselves. Annapolis Pest Control can help you in this endeavor, as our experts are trained to notice rodent infestations. Call us for an inspection. But before you do, look for the following clues that you may have rats or mice in your home:

  • Rodent droppings near food packages, in pantries, or under the sink
  • Evidence of chewing on food packaging
  • Nesting material such as fabric, shredded paper, and dried plant matter
  • Holes chewed through floors or walls to make entry points into your home
  • Rotting or musky odor
  • Scratching, gnawing, or scampering noises in your ceilings or walls
  • Unusual pet behavior

How Do I Get Rid of Rodents in My Severna Park, MD Home?

If you notice any telltale signs of a rodent infestation in your home, you should consult with our team at Annapolis Pest Control in Annapolis, MD to devise a plan to eliminate the animals. There are several measures to take to ensure the rats and mice are gone for good, including:

  • Plug entryways – This strategy is effective for getting rid of rodents as well as preventing them altogether. Even if you do not have a rodent infestation, you should rodent-proof your living space by sealing cracks in the foundation and openings in the walls, including pipes and vents. Be wary of using plastic, rubber, or wood, though, because mice can gnaw through such sealants.
  • Eliminate food sources – Take precaution when storing food and discarding scraps. Rats will forage for any crumbs or leftovers – even birdseed – that is not tightly sealed. Be sure also to repair any leaky faucets or pipes supplying water to your unwanted guests.
  • Use mouse traps – Strategically place mouse traps near areas where mice and rats have been rummaging for food in your home or office building. Bait stations may also be necessary, but it is best to allow a professional at Annapolis Best Control handle them to ensure safety for you and your family.
  • Clean your home – While cleaning your space will not necessarily eliminate rodents, it will help prevent their appearance in the first place. If you already have a rodent infestation, you will need to take additional measures, but improve your sanitation to avoid attracting more.

How Long Does It Take to Get Rid of a Rodent Infestation?

The duration of your rodent infestation removal will depend largely on the size of your home or building and the severity of your situation. The professionals at Annapolis Pest Control in Annapolis, MD can often eradicate rats and mice from your living space within a week or two, but extreme cases may take longer. However, it is not an issue that can be resolved once and ignored thereafter. To keep your home free of rodents, you will need to maintain high levels of sanitation and keep your entryways closed to the intruders. We will help get rodents out of your house, but you must monitor your actions to keep them out.

Call Annapolis Pest Control to Remove Rodents from Your Home

Rodents in your home can be a nightmare. Not only are rats and mice startling and dirty, but they can carry diseases that may affect you or your family. At the first sign of a rat infestation, you should contact Annapolis Pest Control in Annapolis, MD. Our skilled rodent specialists will help determine the severity of your case and ways to resolve the issue safely and permanently. Call us today at (410) 590-7996 to schedule a consultation.

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