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Eliminate Ticks and Mosquitoes in Anne Arundel County

Let Annapolis Pest Control help rid of ticks and fleas so you can relax and enjoy the summer weather in Anne Arundel County—or wherever you are in Maryland.When the weather is nice, you want to be outside—it’s as simple as that! But you can’t be outside if you’re constantly having to deal with the annoyance of mosquitoes and the danger of tick bites. Fortunately, there is an easy solution.

Top Mosquitoes

Annapolis Pest Control is your go-to provider of backyard mosquitoes control and tick extermination services in Annapolis, Baltimore, and throughout Maryland. You deserve to enjoy your own backyard without having to worry about mosquitoes bites, and our professional team is standing by to help you take back your outdoor space.

What makes our company different? Our trained and experienced experts know the enemy well. Our backyard mosquitoes control professionals come to your home and inspect for the top mosquito-breeding places, such as birdbaths, gutters, water features, and discarded containers. They also visit often enough to exterminate multiple generations of mosquitoes, stopping their growth and development before they get big enough to bite you.

Tick Extermination

Tick extermination is a different story; while mosquitoes primarily just annoy us, ticks can cause allergic reactions, pose a danger to pets, and carry Lyme diseases well as Rocky Mountain spotted fever. We’ll start our tick extermination program with a complete inspection of your property that identifies sites that might harbor ticks, followed by a repeated schedule of visits that will target those areas throughout tick season, ensuring that you can enjoy your yard tick-free.

Contact our team today to schedule a consultation, and take the next step toward a backyard you can enjoy without worry!

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