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Get Rid of Fleas in Anne Arundel County

Annapolis Pest Control is here to help you get flea infestations under control in Queen Anne’s County and beyond. Fleas are troublesome parasites that are often found on pets, which they can easily migrate into a home environment. Not only do fleas bite, but they also carry diseases, so you’ll want to make sure you get rid of them as quickly as you can. That’s where we come in! Our company has banished many a flea infestation, and we know how to treat any and all areas that these pests are known to inhabit. We use substances that are safe for pets and humans, and our extermination team is thorough and professional. We try to cause as little disturbance as possible to your living situation while we exterminate the fleas for good.

Signs of Flea Infestations

Sometimes it’s easy to tell if there are fleas in your home. You or your children may have small bites that itch, and sometimes you can even see fleas hopping around in the house. But not all flea problems are so obvious. Sometimes your dog or cat may just be scratching a lot or biting themselves. This can be an early sign of flea problems.

If you think you may have fleas in your home, contact us to come out and take a look. We provide free inspections, and we’ll be able to tell if these insects are present in your house in short order. Depending on what we find, we are also able to recommend a treatment if you need one.

Finding and Exterminating Fleas

Fleas are a bit easier to find than they are to get rid of, as many a pet owner can attest. Although treating your dog or cat for this pest is a good first step, you’ll also need to have the areas they inhabit treated for fleas. Rather than messing around with all kinds of laundry and chemicals that don’t always get the job done, why not let us help you out?

Our company has a quick and easy method of controlling fleas that will handle even the worst infestation fast. Let our team come into your living space and deal with these parasites once and for all. Call for a free estimate!

Call Us to Schedule Your Free Inspection Today!